BikeFlex a new platform launching today, will help bike manufacturers offer subscriptions and benefit from a lucrative new business model projected to help grow the bike market to $127bn over the next ten years*.

The new generation of consumers want to use, rather than buy, their music, TV, mobile phones and even cars, and so it’s no surprise that bike subscriptions will become a popular alternative to buying outright or hire purchase. 

Bike subscriptions will attract a younger demographic who are less likely to get credit for long-term financing, but who also want the flexibility of changing bikes on a more frequent basis. 

BikeFlex is a new road bike subscription service that enables consumers to regularly swap new, top brand bikes on a flexible, fixed-price monthly subscription basis from just £70 per month, and is offering partnership opportunities to manufacturers so they can reap the business benefits as well. 

The BikeFlex platform will provide two revenue opportunities for bike manufacturers:

  1. A white-label bike subscription solution for their own website and retail channels, without the time to market or investment.
  2. Access to new customers via a new online retailer channel, and via BikeFlex centres UK wide.

BikeFlex is the brainchild of three people who really understand what cyclists want: ex-professional rider for Team GB, Team Sky and former British Champion, Russ Downing; Team GB track cyclist and Olympic cycling silver medallist (Tokyo 2021) Ryan Owens; and Tim Hammond, highly successful ‘Who’s Who’ young entrepreneur and technology investor, who successfully launched the Cycle Espresso cafés network last year.   

Subscriptions start from just six months and all bikes come with insurance, warranty, and a service plan, giving consumers access to aspirational bikes for a small monthly investment

Tim Hammond, co-founder of BikeFlex said: “BikeFlex is giving bike brands the opportunity to embrace subscriptions like the car industry has. We have seen the seismic shift in the electric car market from buying to subscribing, with companies like Onto and Autonomy getting a higher proportion of the new car market than traditional car dealers. More customers are getting subscription plans than are actually buying their electric cars. Ride Up is the Onto for the bike industry.”

Apple lets its customers upgrade to the latest model every year or two. Now bike manufacturers can do the same using the BikeFlex bike subscription platform.  With affordable inclusive monthly plans, I predict that half the bike market will convert to subscription plans by 2025.”

Co-founder, Russ Downing said: “With new bike models coming out every year or two, you can now change to the latest model when it comes out. I know I would upgrade to the latest model every time if there wasn't the cost of buying or the stress of selling my current one. And with the current financial climate, why would you put a bike on a long-term finance plan or buy now pay later, when you can simply rent it and give it back when you want to? 

“BikeFlex bike subscriptions provide the customer with an affordable, alternative to buying that gives them flexibility on what bike they ride, and how long they ride it. And we enable bike manufacturers to have a highly profitable, new business model and a compelling new offering for customers.”

Unlike normal bike purchases, BikeFlex customers are not tied into long-term finance plans and can cancel their subscription after the initial six-month period. Should they wish to purchase the bike, they can also pay the balance between what they have already paid and the bike’s retail price. 

Each month, BikeFlex will host rides across the UK to allow cyclists to test ride a new bike before subscribing. 

Bike brands can read more about BikeFlex’s platform offering in a presentation created especially for them, available at:

In keeping with its new 'circular' business model for bike brands, BikeFlex is offering its range of pre-loved bikes from six-month subscriptions, starting from just £50 per month through one of the 31 centres across the UK. BikeFlex’s mission is to enable an ongoing 'lifecycle' for bike manufacturers through bike subscriptions, from a customer's first road bike to their pro road bike, and all stages in between.

For example can ride away with a new £5,000 bike for just £129 per month and can change the bike every time a new model comes out (minimum term is just six months).