BikeFlex the Bike Leasing company has announced a new £200 subsidy aimed at encouraging more people to ride bikes and e-bikes in the UK.

Under the scheme, if you lease a new bike or e-bike through BikeFlex or participating manufacturers you'll receive a £200 subsidy funded jointly by the manufacturer and BikeFlex.

"Leasing already makes a new bike or e-bike more accessible, as there is no deposit and you are not buying the bike outright. Its also more flexible as you have the option to own it with a final payment at the end of the lease. This new subsidy will make it even more affordable with £200 off your lease payments."

"We wanted to invent a more affordable way to get a new e-bike (or bike too if you want), so we launched BikeFlex, with flexible bike leasing for UK consumers, and businesses.

BikeFlex leasing is also available to the millions of people who don't benefit from a cycle to work scheme as they are not paid via paye, or work for an SME without a scheme.

Why should the europeans have all the bike subsidies?

It would be great if the UK government would match our private subsidy of £200 for every person, but as this takes time we thought we'd better get a head start. We've partnered with over a dozen manufacturers and persuaded them to back our good cause of getting more people onto new bikes and e-bikes.

The £200 subsidy equates to 1 to 3 months leasing (depending on bike) on a 12 month lease. So that's a pretty hefty subsidy. Its joint funded by us and the manufacturer and is available on a wide choice of bikes and e-bikes from just £77 per month including servicing and insurance (via Laka).

Claim your £200 bike subsidy voucher by visiting our website at

Or visit us at the Cycle Show (London, April), or National Cycling Show (NEC, June) to redeem your £200 subsidy voucher against any of our range of lease bikes and e-bikes from participating manufacturers.